Three practical strategies for handling food challenges common amongst the neurodiverse

January 2023

Tampa's Palm TreesWatch now (5 sec) | Data: University of Florida, Made with Flourish and Canva
Bridget Cogley & Vidya Setlur, Wiley (2022)
Just one day after another round of layoffs at Salesforce shook my beloved Tableau community, and just five days into the new year (“I’m looking forward…

December 2022

Stamen Design's gorgeous, free basemaps at risk, #MapPromptMonday starts next week, and Sarah Battersby speaks at the Tampa Bay Tableau User Group in…
Get to know the social work professor, bassist, and maker of marvelous maps.
A short and sweet reflection on impactful data visualizations I encountered organically this week.
Reckoning with toxic masculinity and the glorification of hustle culture

November 2022

She contains multitudes.
My favorite graphics related to the 2022 midterms
Learn more about Boston Tableau User Group co-lead, Florida native, and scatterplot enthusiast John Whitmer.

October 2022

What impressions are, what they aren’t, and how they can be misleading.